Collaborator Feature: Connie Wohn

Connie Wohn is a Portland-based event producer and self-proclaimed “First Lady of Hustle.” We couldn’t agree more. Connie has produced events for giants like Ace Hotel, Adidas, MusicFest NW, Weiden+Kennedy, Levis, and more. The Artisans Cup would surely not be happening without her expertise in handling the complex logistics and relationships involved in an event of this scale, and we’re eternally grateful to have her on our team. We asked her to share some of her background, and how bonsai has influenced her both professionally and personally. Here’s what she had to say.

What do you do?
Concept & produce large scale events for cultural brands. From private dinners to music festivals. 

How did you get started?
Via the music industry. I was a booking agent, PR agent, did music licensing. Events where a natural next step. 

What excites you most about The Artisans Cup?
The uniqueness of the story. The opportunity to expose people to a new art form and culture. 

What initially drew you to The Artisans Cup? What made you want to partner with us?
The DeSpains are amazing creatives & the opportunity to work with them was exciting. Upon meeting Chelsea & Ryan it was clear that the team was full of bright, capable and creative folks. It was a no brainer when all the right elements are in place. 

Who has had the biggest influence in your career (living or dead)?
My father. His professionalism and work ethic have paved my path. 

Tell me about your creative process.
Often I need to exercise to create solutions. It’s being in my body and not in my head that lets things flow. Also, lots of nature. Turning off is a great ignitor for me. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Nature. Books. All around really. 

Does your work often involve collaboration? What’s your perspective on collaboration?
Yes, I believe collaboration is one of the main strengths in creating something great. Input, perspective and dialog are elemental. 

Have the principles of the art of Bonsai influenced you since working with The Artisans Cup? How?
Yes. More peace and a slower pace. Intention has become highlighted.

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