Retrospective Exhibit Pass

Whether you had the opportunity to experience The Artisans Cup exhibit in person or you’re looking to experience the exhibit the first time, the Retrospective Exhibit Pass grants you unlimited access to all the content you’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for considering the purchase of a Retrospective Exhibit Pass. Your purchase allows us to continue to curate ground breaking events like The Artisans Cup.

What's Included

  • 355 audio critiques by renowned judges: Boon Manakativipart, Colin Lewis, David DeGroot, Peter Warren and Walter Pall. See every tree through the judges eyes as you listen to their invaluable teachings; an educational opportunity sure to help any level Bonsai practitioner grow as an artist.
  • Exhibitors Gallery featuring stunning studio photography of all 71 participating trees. 

  • Enjoy never before seen event photography by Portland event photographer Arthur Hitchcock and Skylab Architecture.

  • Full length video of all three event panel discussions: Ask the Judges (featuring all five judges); Intersection of Bonsai, Art, & Design: a discussion with creative collaborators; and The Future of American Bonsai: a Q&A with The Artisans Cup Founders Ryan & Chelsea Neil.



The Artisans Cup Retrospective Book:
(Pre-Orders through March 1st)

This is your chance to be a part of American bonsai history.

Because our print run is extremely exclusive, we want to make sure everyone who wants a book, can get a copy. If you’re on the fence, this is your chance to have a piece of American Bonsai history and continue the movement…

The Artisans Cup retrospective book features a comprehensive insider look at the premier American Bonsai event of 2015. Highlighting exclusive behind the scenes content, personal insights and stories, as well as stunning photography cataloging all 71 exhibited pieces of art.

71 trees.
150 sheets of plywood. 12,000 feet of steel. A full mile of welds.
27 hours of set-up. 60 gallons of coffee. 17 hours live.
3,200 attendees from 19 countries. 

An art form forever changed.



Artisans Cup - Winner of American Institute of Architects 2015 Merit Award. The AIA Merit Award is a significant honor, which acknowledges the quality of the project in a regional and national context. The award is a testament to the skill, dedication, and integration of a stellar team of designers, fabricators, and so many others. The Jury, made up of respected designers from across North America, applauded Skylab Architecture and the Artisan's Cup for its ability to transport the visitor into a unique world, placing them in intimate contact with these exceptional works of art. Event photography by Arthur Hitchcock and Skylab Architecture.