Collaborator: ADX Fabrication Team

One of the greatest strengths that allows The Artisans Cup to exist is the team of people who contribute their skills and creative perspective to make the vision take form. Among those teammembers are the folks at ADX who are contributing to the fabrication of the event space. ADX is a shared creative space where people bring together tools, knowledge and experience to create excellent work. We chatted with them about their contribution to The Artisans Cup. 

Why did ADX want to work on The Artisans Cup project?
We were excited for to work on the displays for The Artisans Cup project because the event struck us as an experience that could be unique for Portlanders.  Plus, the team at Bonsai Mirai are top-notch folks, and we always love working with great collaborators.

Bonsai is…
...simply beautiful!

Why are you excited to come see The Artisans Cup bonsai exhibition?
ADX loves craftsmanship of all kinds.  We are excited to see a testament to the care and craft of these remarkable artisans in our city!

In addition to the displays we're working with the ADX Fabrication team to create beautiful signage structures for the exhibition space. Come see the work come to life at The Artisans Cup, September 25–27, 2015. Buy Tickets.