One more prize awarded for the 2015 Artisans Cup


We couldn’t have asked for a more seamless, successful inaugural exhibition for The Artisans Cup. For being the first of its kind, the weekend went extremely well thanks to the tireless efforts of the incredible team of people who made it happen. Thank you once again to those involved.

However, it came to our attention this week that an oversight had been made in the competition’s final score tally. Amy Blanton’s Rocky Mountain Juniper was awarded 3rd Prize with 50 points, and it was discovered later that the same score had been marked for Konnor Jenson’s Japanese White Pine. Due to this oversight, Mr. Jenson was not considered in a tie-breaking decision that would otherwise have been conducted by jurors Michael Hagedorn and Ryan Neil. 

In response, we have decided to award third prize position along with the accompanying award certificate, plaque, and $3,000 purse to both Mr. Jenson and Ms. Blanton. Congratulations to them both, as well as all of the exhibitors who poured their hearts and souls into making the inaugural Artisans Cup the incredibly special event that it was!

Ryan & Chelsea Neil