44. Pacific Bonsai Museum

Federal Way, California


The smooth white bark, delicate branching and impeccable design make this the finest Japanese Beech bonsai in North America.This variety of Japanese Beech has an exceptionally small leaf, which is why it was developed from a cutting by Kazuhiro Ohashi of Tochigi Prefecture in Japan and imported to the U.S. in 1989 by Iseli Nursery of Boring, OR. When creating a formal bonsai display, there is a deliberate attempt to convey a specific location or season as context for the viewer. In Asian philosophy, the transitory, ephemeral qualities of nature are by definition difficult to encapsulate, yet serve to draw our attention to these small, subtle changes occurring all around us. Rather than reinforcing a “Fall” theme, the leafless state of the tree brings to mind the approaching winter by creating a stark contrast from the autumnal hues of its deciduous brethren.


Japanese Beech / Fagus crenata ‘Fuji’

Estimated Age: 60 years old
Time in Training: 57 years
Origin: Japan
Container: Japanese