29. Bob King

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada


Having grown up on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest, my connection to the great stands of native trees – fir, cedar, hemlock – is well established. This environment is reflected in the trees that I design. About fifteen years ago I acquired this Mountain Hemlock from Anton Nijhuis, a collector from Vancouver Island. The tree’s pattern of slow growth in the harsh surroundings imprinted a strength and an elegant beauty. This is the west coast. It was my desire to replicate this condition in the design. The initial approach to styling was awkward and was missing the dynamic flow that should highlight the curves of the trunk and the grounding of the base. About three years ago, I took the tree design in a new direction, with the help of Michael Hagedorn, and the tree has responded beautifully. The resulting fusion of traditional Japanese design with a majestic collected tree from the Pacific Northwest has now captured the essence of my vision.


Mountain Hemlock / Tsuga mertensiana

Estimated Age: 150+ years old
Time in Training: 15 years
Origin: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Container: Walsall Studios (England)
Stand: Austin Heitzman (USA)

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