10. troy cardoza

Portland, Oregon


Growing up in central California, I had a friend who lived on a winery whose two-mile driveway was lined with pomegranate and olive trees.  The trees were decades old and many showed it, with their twisted hollow trunks and withering branches.  Although they may have appeared as just old trees to some, they were majestic and beautiful to me.  Each tree had a style and structure that was unique.  Every year, as fall would come, I anticipated their golden leaves and bright red fruit.  In styling this tree, I wished to evoke the same majestic impression of those pomegranate trees from my youth.


Pomegranate / Punica granatum

Estimated Age: 45 years old
Time in Training: 15 years
Origin: Fresno, California
Container: Sara Rayner (USA)
Stand: Tom Colby (USA)