2. Marc arpag

Rochester, New York


The art of Bonsai combines and contrasts man and nature. The Eastern White Cedar represents the awe and appreciation for beauty I have enjoyed, especially the mountains, lakes and forests of the Adirondacks. This is where my heart and soul wander when I dream. The Camellia represents the culture and comforts of civilization. My taste and artistic expression are influenced by both these worlds.

2. Camelia / Sasanqua camelia

Estimated Age: 35 years old
Time in Training: 20 years
Origin: Nursery stock
Container: Sega (Chinese)
Stand: Japanese

1. Eastern White Cedar / Thuja occidentalis

Estimated Age: 50 years old
Time in Training: 4 years
Origin: New York
Container: Brenta Sullivan (USA)
Stand: Made by the artist himself

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