36. Louise Leister

Palm Coast, Florida


I have always loved the root-over-rock style, after living in the northeast and spending time in the woods hiking, where many times we would see pines growing between rocks or with rocks and root intertwined. I love pines, and this one reminds me of a cool pine forest with the moss at the base. The stone gives strength to the composition.  I love the movement in this tree's roots as it wraps around and adheres to the stone.  When I first bought this tree, is was a tiny seedling with three very small branches. Over the years, it has developed a beautiful, healthy canopy, along with a nice branch structure. This tree has been in my collection for several years and was purchased as a seedling and grown entirely as a bonsai in Florida.


Japanese Black Pine / Pinus thunbergii

Estimated Age: 20 years old
Time in Training: 10 years
Origin: California, grown from seed
Container: Sara Rayner (USA)
Stand: Sean Smith (USA)